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Wiccana Protection Spell

To protect yourself or your loved ones from Negative Energy.

Protection spells are done to ward off any negative energy in your space or home, as well as negative energy upon your friends or loved ones. Here are a few simple steps to create a basic protection spell using candles, essential oils, and salt.

So let's get started! Read further below for the ingredients or tools that you will need to accomplish this spell.

Tools You Will Need for a Protection Spell:

  1. A pillar candle. White or Black is preferred however, other colors may also be used depending on the meaning you would like to project outwards.

  2. Small, thumbsize piece of paper with the name of that which emits the negative energy. This could be the name of a person/object/event

  3. Salt. Preferably Himalayan Crystal Salt, however ordinary rock salt will also do.

  4. Lavender Essential Oil. Rub the oil around the candle, going outwards from the center of the candle. Rubbing outwards is done because you wish to emit your energy or intent outwards into the world. Get lavender essential oil here.

  5. Carving knife or pointed stick. For the carving knife or pointed stick, you will use this to carve the rune for banishing and protection as shown here.

These runes are the Naudhiz and Algiz runes. Before beginning your spell and lighting your candle. First carve out these two runes on your pillar candle.

Now that you have all of these, start by grounding yourself.

Grounding is a form of meditation where you imagine that you are connecting to the earth's core by visualizing energy roots from your body down to the earth. I practice this before conducting any spell. The idea is similar to that of a good conductor of electricity whereby the excess current can pass through the conductor safely without electrocuting the user. More About Grounding here.

After grounding, begin by lighting your pillar candle in front of you.

Sprinkle the salt in a circular motion around your space.

Lay the paper with the name of the negative source in front of you and chant the following Incantation:

Protection Spell Incantation

"Spirits of the Universe of love, beauty and justice, aide me by casting away

This toxic energy source from my life.

With the power of the elements in me,

Toxic source of energy be out of mine and my loved ones lives

And leave my space with only love and light.

I banish <Name of negative source> from my space and my life."

Take some time to visualize the end outcome you want and relax.

When done, burn the paper in the fire and set it aside in a bowl or jar and just let it burn fully until the fire extinguishes on its own.

Blow at your candle with the intent that you are blowing away the negative energy along with it.

Clear up your working space or altar.


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