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All of Life is Energy

I was reading an audiobook about the 80/20 Principle and one point really struck me. It mentioned about Einstein's Theory of Relativity, e=mc2 and how Einstein in this powerful theory expressed that all of life is energy - every atom, blade of grass and every living being.

It somewhat all ties in with the belief in Wicca and other Asian religions about how all in this world are made up of energy and are an expression of the Universe.

Whatever an individual puts out in the world, they sow. Our thoughts in themselves are energy and with this concept, it is believed that we are able to, with our thoughts, generate what we want in life.

Thoughts can become reality with action.

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to prepare for an important speech back in college and imagined yourself giving the best dialogue in your life? Oftentimes, we tend to practice execution in our thoughts first before actually doing it. Our thoughts whether they are positive or negative, both have an equal chance of attracting the reality that we want for ourselves.


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