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Being Worthy

Many of us are indoctrinated into the world and brought up to believe in the notion that we are born unworthy. That we are born into this world to suffer. So much so that even amidst an opportunity arising in our lives, we subconsciously doubt our ability to accomplish our dreams and talk ourselves down from multiple opportunities.

By believing in our own unworthiness, we neglect our own ability to be the "Best Version of Ourselves" and unknowingly betray the truth of what we can accomplish in our lives.

The feeling of being unworthy, being ashamed, feeling a lack in oneself can greatly limit our true potential and it's amazing how many of us get these negative ideas from our parents, and they, from their parents. Almost like a continuous cycle of negative reinforcement and misguided values that limit who we could be that we actually feel bad about being successful or succeeding in life. Some of us even feel bad about the act of caring for ourselves and are drowned in the idea that one is selfish if they do so. The truth is, if you can't care for yourself, how are you even qualified to care for someone else?

Many of us are brought up believing that we will never amount to much because of our status or that we aren't born into wealth, and therefore, wanting to be wealthy would also be deemed to be a selfish act or something frowned upon. The teaching that "Money is the root of all evil" greatly impacts many who end up not knowing how to value money as a tool that can also do good. And believing that money is evil, feeds into one's subconscious mind, making them believe that to want to be wealthy is also selfish and evil. Or that one isn't born into wealth therefore, to want wealth would be something ridiculous to even dream about. "Better to be healthy than wealthy" some would say. But why can't we be both?

Self-loathing often happens subconsciously and is damaging to ourselves because we end up swimming in problems and merely accepting it, even surrendering to it in the hopes that someone else would save us from the difficulties in life as opposed to looking for solutions and finding ways ourselves first.

When negativity becomes chronic in our thoughts, we end up attracting negative circumstances to ourselves. Break free of these self-detrimental thoughts because You are good enough. You are enough. If you believe in yourself, many possibilities will open up to you.


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