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The fresh fruity scent of Orange Essential Oil is believed to help relieve anxiety and depression.

Orange essential oil is a calming and balancing oil that is a great companion scent for sleeping.

Orange essential oil is believed to give an uplift and cleansing property to any room or home and gives off a delightful fruity citrus smell.



- Orange essential oil is a great essential oil scent to try out if you have trouble sleeping because it is believed to help with sleeplessness.

- Gives an uplifting and clean vibration to any room

- Can brighten a person's mood and is said to be a relaxing scent

- Is believed to represent success, sun magic and confidence

- Magical uses to balance the sacral chakra believed to promote the ability to feel joy and pleasure of life

- Can be used for candle charms and meditation

Wiccana Essential Orange Fragrance Oil 20ml

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