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A few drops of lavender for your oil burner/diffuser can be helpful for giving that fresh lavender scent in the room, home or work space.



- Gives a relaxing and calming vibration to any room

- It's soothing smell is fresh

- Magical uses for cleansing, love and relieving anxieties or stresses of the world

- Can be used for candle charms

- Is used in meditation and religious ceremonies as a scent for the third eye chakra.

- Cockroaches and mosquitos do not like the smell of lavender.



- No therapeutic claims

- This is a fragrance oil and should be used with diffuser or ultrasonic humidifier that is essential oil-friendly

- Not for topical or skin application use

- Organic essential oil without water mix

- Avoid contact with the eyes

- Keep away from pets and children

- Do not ingest or use without dilution

- Not for use with cold mist humidifier


Wiccana Essential Lavender Fragrance Oil 20ml

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